30" Built-In Asado Cooktop, Stainless Steel L30AG

30" Built-In Asado Cooktop, Stainless Steel



Precise power—two Trident™ Infrared Burners combining to provide up to 35,000 NG/ 25,000 LP BTU. Perfect surface—multi-layer grilling surface of aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of stainless steel. Beautiful illumination—backlit blue control knobs. Quick clean-up—removable dual grease trays and removable grilling surface for easy cleaning.

  • Installation into a combustible enclosure requires an insulated jacket accessory.
  • Reliable speed—the Hot Surface Ignition system lights burners quickly and safely.
  • Flexible capacity—495-square-inch dual-zone cooking surface.
  • Steadfast durability—heavy-duty welded construction eliminates gaps where grease can collect. Elegant protection—includes attractive stainless steel cover.

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