140 Bottle Single/Multi-Temp Wine Cabinet

140 Bottle Single/Multi-Temp Wine Cabinet



Versatile wine cabinet that can be set as Multi-Temp for serving different styles/varietals at perfect drinking temperatures, or as a Single-Zone for cellaring both reds and whites. Equipped with Vintec Perfect Cradle™ Shelving.

  • Vintec Perfect Cradle™ Shelving: Showcase your entire collection with our fully-extendable, wide-slat, premium white oak shelving. Unlike most wine cabinets, the Vintec Perfect Cradle™ Shelving is designed with ideal spacing between shelves to accommodate ALL 750ml bottle types – even your favorite Champagne – without scratching the labels.
  • Vintec Pillar 1: Stable Temperature: Temperature fluctuations can denature your wines. Most wine cabinets have compressors that run periodically causing temperature fluctuations, but Vintec cabinets have an efficient, variable-speed compressor that runs consistently to maintain the precise temperature you set.
  • Vintec Pillar 2: Humidity Above 50%: Retain moisture in your wine corks with humidity levels above 50%, keeping damaging air out of your wines.
  • Vintec Pillar 3: UV-Proof Dark Storage Area: Protect wines from light damage with dark interiors and UV-blocking glass.
  • Vintec Pillar 4: Vibration-Proof Environment: Wine is protected from premature deterioration with vibration-absorbing wooden shelves, rubber shock absorbers and a low vibration, variable-speed compressor.
  • Vintec Pillar 5: Optimized Airflow: Maintain a fresh, odor-free cabinet with Vintec's efficient air circulation system and a powerful air filter to ensure a constant, slow flow of filtered air throughout the cabinet to limit odors from penetrating your wine and mold from growing and damaging labels and corks.

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